Our mission


At our website nonogram.online, our mission is to provide a fun and accessible platform for people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of solving nonograms on a daily basis. 

Detalle de una imagen de un perro, revelada tas completar un nonograma

Nonograms are a mentally stimulating activity that can help improve cognitive performance and problem-solving abilities. By being faced with a series of clues and having to make logical decisions to fill in a grid, memory and attention are stimulated, which may help prevent cognitive decline in later life. In addition, solving nonograms can be a relaxing and satisfying activity that can help reduce stress and improve mood. 

On our website, we offer a wide variety of nonograms for all difficulty levels, from beginner to expert. We also offer a tutorials section and tips to help players improve their skills and get the most out of this fascinating Japanese puzzle game. In addition, our website is designed to be easy to use and accessible from any device, which means that people can play nonograms online anywhere, anytime. 

We also offer a completely free section of printable nonograms. This section is designed for those people who prefer to solve puzzles in the traditional way, with pencil and paper. Printable nonograms include a wide variety of difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone. The printable nonograms section is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of solving nonograms without having to be connected to the Internet or use a digital device. 

Finally, we invite you to our daily challenge: the daily nonogram, where every day we propose a new challenge. Find out!

We hope this portal can help people integrate this activity into their daily routine and enjoy all its benefits.