¿Tienes dudas sobre cómo jugar nonogramas en nuestro sitio web? Nuestra sección de preguntas frecuentes tiene las respuestas que buscas.


Questions frequent

What is the objective of the game?

Nonograms are a type of puzzle in which the objective is to discover a hidden image or pattern, by using the number clues indicated on the margins of the game board.

How should I use the clues?

For rows, they must be read from left to right. For the columns, from top to bottom.

If the clue consists of more than one number, each number indicates the number of consecutive cells that must be filled. You must necessarily leave a box blank to fill in the next box or group of boxes.

How can I restart a game?

Yes, by clicking on the "Restart" button. But beware! you will start the nonogram from scratch again, losing all your progress.

Please note that in some game modes, such as challenge mode or daily nonogram , this can waste significant time and score, so use it only in exceptional cases.

Is an error displayed if I fill in a box wrong?

No, we do not show any visual help in case of error. We believe that it is more challenging to solve a nonogram this way. And more satisfying once completed! Try to start with the simplest levels, gradually learning the mechanics of the puzzle. Applying logic, you will see how you get it.

How do I select the difficulty level?

You will find the different difficulty levels under the game board. Or, if you already know your level, you can choose the board you prefer from the main menu.

I have found a nonogram that cannot be solved

All of our nonograms are verified immediately after the generation process. If it is unsolvable, it is automatically discarded before being painted on the screen and a new one is generated. Go through the clues, to find the error on the board and fix it.

What is the select mode under the board for?

The selection mode toggle is a tool that allows you to change the way checkboxes are marked. Use the symbol "x" to help you visually, marking those boxes that you know should not be filled in. This way you can avoid filling in a box that should be left blank by mistake.

Marking boxes with the symbol "x" is optional, you can use it only in those boxes where you most need it, in all those that should be empty or in none of them.

I have lost my password. How can i get it back?

Go to the login page by clicking on the "log in" link that you will find at the top of each page. Once there, click on the link "Have you forgotten your password?"